Uganda’s coffee: third in the world


Uganda has scored a rating of 84.05 according to 1,229 professional coffee tasters certified by the Coffee Quality Institute-CQI. Ethiopia is number one with a rating of 84.88 and and Kenya comes second at 84.31 on the CQI reported grading scale out of 100.
According to the Coffee Quality Institute of the United States of America, Uganda is third best of the countries producing quality coffee in the world. Uganda comes third after Ethiopia and Kenya respectively in 1st and 2nd position. They came to this conclusion after the graders ran 22 tastes before ascertaining the quality of coffee from particular countries with a cumulative figure that determines its ranking position.
Joseph Nkandu, a coffee farmer with NUCAFE says the gains in producing quality coffee came as a result of group coffee farming under the farm model where farmers are taught how to plant, harvest, store and look for markets.
Jane Nansubuga, a coffee consumer for the last 21 years says Uganda coffee taste has improved in quality for some manufacturers and barristers who produce it well, but many producers lack the proper production, packaging and branding to attract more consumers despite the coffee quality in Uganda.
This has improved the coffee value chain within the last two years since the launch of the coffee road map in 2018. The farm ownership model builds farmers’ abilities to be in charge of their own affairs and be responsible for their actions on the farm and after harvesting the coffee. It addresses the inefficiencies in the coffee value chain that had dwarfed quality coffee production in the previous decade.
Uganda’s coffee export has also increased in the last two years in the 2019/2020 season, lasting from March 2019 to February 2020; exports amounted to 4.74 million 60-kilo-bags worth USD 459.52 million, compared to 4.24 million bags worth USD 435 million in 2018/2019.


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