The need for marketing to upscale one’s enterprise is a veritable tool in staying relevant in a competitive ecosystem. Different categories of businesses have similarities when it comes to deploying the right marketing strategies. Now, to actually reach the set objectives and achieve more sales enablement for one’s enterprise, using the right marketing tools can’t be overemphasized.

The 21st century also known to be the Generation Z era has birthed different phases coupled with the inception of the COVID 19 pandemic that has resulted in many enterprises in folding up while others are trying to adapt to the new norm as a result of the pandemic.
As an entrepreneur, the challenges coupled with opportunities of setting out can be overwhelming, it’s imperative one understands the need to be strategic and stay creative in the competitive market
The Entrepreneurial Marketing subject gives a broader understanding of using the right marketing tools that are deployable for upscaling one’s enterprise, making an enterprise stay relevant for a long period of time.
One of the underlying factors that have deterred many enterprises from staying relevant in a competitive market is their failure to discover and apply the right marketing approach that is suitable for their business, many entrepreneurs are still finding it pretty difficult to integrate the new modalities brought up by technological advancement that has birthed the concept of Entrepreneurial Marketing.
Many startups today should understand why the need for Entrepreneurial Marketing should be deployed otherwise the struggle making an Edge will be pretty difficult.
Why I could equally like to share some tips to serve as a guide in achieving the concept of Entrepreneurial marketing, there’s a need for personal evaluation as an entrepreneur, aside from investing your personal finances while looking out for support, there are characteristic that needs to be ascertained to let you know your surviving rate in the long term. Are you truly ready to take up the challenges adapt to the New norm? Speculations of low sales at a point in time
The following tips below will give a guide through the concept of Entrepreneurial Marketing
A comprehensive market survey of an existing Enterprise
A comprehensive market survey gives an overview of the past experiences, the present status of the market and most importantly gives a forecast of what the future Market will look like. Am in-depth analysis of the present and future status of the market is being ascertained. The results emanating from the market survey will guide you on the right marketing approach you need to deploy as an entrepreneur for your enterprise. Doing a market survey is a veritable tool towards kick-starting your Entrepreneurial journey, you’ll be able to evaluate, deduce and work extensively on actions taken by past and existing entrepreneurs in n the Market. They are elements that make up this survey and it is very important you ensure they are being deployed.
Identifying and learning from existing competitors
Most Entrepreneurs use this strategy to stay relevant and you should not be exempted in doing likewise. As an entrepreneur while you are thinking of generating more sales enablement and customer engagement, learning from your competitors is very important; particularly on actions taken that look non-futuristic in the same line, you are about to embark on. It will be unnecessary for you to go through the same modality adopted by your competitors which resulted in inefficiency The success story cannot be overemphasized. You need to learn and understand what they are doing right in getting ahead, which you can equally deploy for your enterprise.
Staying updated with digital trends
Staying updated with digital trends get you in the know. The inception of digitization has made it easier and a lot of new marketing tools are incepted as often as possible. It is important for you to keep abreast of trends to enable you to keep your existing customers and gain more particularly in the area of customer service that is user-friendly. A continuous market survey will broaden your scope, enabling room for creativity with technological tools that will facilitate more customer engagement and sales enablement. Adopting the newly updated digital tools for running your enterprise, the right payment solution, marketing tools engagement of customers online.
Babatunde Adekanmbi
Digital Creator



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