Friday, October 30, 2020

BRICs PR.. is an award-wining  strategic public relations and communications agency that works across arts, culture,sports,business and politics.The publishers PR Times Africa Magazine bi-monthly magazine.A magazine that  is aimed at positively sharping perception about Africa by highlighting the positive stride Africa is making in several field. Founded by By Alwalled Khabir Yousuff, the agency has represented clients ranging from international organization,Govt officials,politicians,etc.

BRICs PR believes in building long term relationships and their unique approach extends beyond media relations. By predicting issues, opportunities and trends, as well as risk management, BRICs PR  advises clients on how they can best take advantage of the ever-changing global business landscape, and prides itself on providing clients with unprecedented global awareness and insight that transcends cultures and sectors.

BRICs PR works closely with political, cultural and trade journalists to create a global landscape in their media relations campaigns. All of BRICs PR projects benefit from a clarifying of objectives, key messaging and a clear strategy and bespoke approach from the very beginning. From perception audits to media coaching, BRICs PR use expert profiling to prepare clients for thought leadership, opinion editorials and speaker platforms.


In an increasingly globalised world with an ever-evolving communications landscape, we exist to strategically navigate our clients; helping them build strong relationships to influence and change behaviours.

We exist to tell the African story positively that is beam with negatives through our platform and excellent PR.

Our mission define us and what we set to do as an African brand.


The PR industry is evolving. We are a part of the movement to elevate communications to the boardroom, operating on the following principles:

  • Data led strategy
  • Results focused application
  • Integrated communications across borders
  • A diverse team of industry certified professionals
  • A culture that priorities merit and skill


Curiosity: We possess the desire to learn and develop

Diversity: We believe that diversity champions better thinking.

Our Services

Our PR service include Branding,media planning,press release development and distribution,Development of Brand identity,Defining Brand message and direction and finally image making..

Our success and growth are only made possible through our ability to attract,retain and develop the very best talents,So we do everything we can to ensure our employees are given ample opportunity to grow ,learn,contribute and create according to their individual skills.